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As the deployment costs reduce LED lighting is fast replacing the old incandescent light bulb technology. The LED technology has many advantages over the old light bulb, the light is whiter, they are cheaper to operate and the out last the light bulb reducing replacement costs significantly. Efficient thermal management is required to take advantage of the longevity of LED systems.

LED Heat SinksColumbia-Staver?s long standing involvement with consumer products and range of technologies enable us to offer bespoke solutions to this extremely competitive sector.

The LED market is predicted to expand by some 40% per year with the take up of Industrial use and commercial applications these sectors would include applications such as street and building lighting, advertising, automotive, aviation, transportation and more. Applications that take advantage of the LED heat dissipation such as Medical devices and food industry contamination eradication also need careful thermal management. LED solutions can be as simple as extruded or cast heat sinks, Heat pipe assemblies or indeed a pumped liquid loop all available from Columbia-Staver.

Latest News

Continuous Investment – Helium Leak Detector

Columbia-Staver Ltd has recently invested into a Helium Leak Detector to boost its liquid cold plate and advanced manufacturing test capabilities. The newly acquired Agilent PR02 leak detector was chosen because it offers leak detection capabilities with a sensitivity down to 5x10-13 Pa m3Continuous Investment – Helium Leak Detector

Job Opportunity - Dynamic Sales Executive

If you understand thermal mechanics and its essential function within all kinds of electronic equipment, you’ll know that Columbia-Staver is a market-leading Thermal Solutions Provider, offering natural and forced convection heat sinks, two-phase heat pipe and vapor chamber assemblies and Job Opportunity - Dynamic Sales Executive

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