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In the world of Consumer Electronics each generation of product increases functionality. The devices often get smaller and reduce in cost. Thermal Management products for this market sector must meet the challenges presented by the increasing processing power and shrinking size of electronic devices at a cost that will contribute to retail price of the device being low enough to encourage adoption in the market.

Consumer Electronics Heat SinksColumbia-Staver have been at the very forefront of heat sink design and supply since 1972 and is a world leader in thermal solutions for flat screens, set-top boxes, internet gateway products and all mobile computing platforms.

Heat?Sinks will continue to dominate this sector, however early signs that more advanced solutions are needed have been seen. As internet connectivity goes viral and networks inch towards 5G Columbia-Staver can offer high performance heat pipes, heat pipe and vapour chamber assemblies and active pumped liquid cooling technologies giving our customers a seamless transition into these advanced cooling technologies.

Latest News

Isothermal Cold Plates for EVs

The EV market has a desire to keep battery cells within a narrow temperature range and to minimise the temperature gradient between cells. Columbia-Staver have achieved both of these goals with the development of an Isothermal Cold Plate. Rather than using a single parallel flow the IsotheIsothermal Cold Plates for EVs

New EV Battery Cooling Solution

Columbia-Staver have developed a state of the art cooling solution for Electric Vehicle battery cooling. Lighter weight, more design flexible and more cost effective than anything currently in the market. Contact us for more details.New EV Battery Cooling Solution

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