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Columbia-Staver have been at the very forefront of heat sink design and supply since 1972 and is a world leader in thermal solutions into the Consumer Market with solutions used on flat screens, set-top boxes, internet gateway products and all mobile computing platforms.


As the deployment costs reduce LED lighting is fast replacing the old incandescent light bulb technology. The LED technology has many advantages over the old light bulb, the light is whiter, they are cheaper to operate and the out last the light bulb reducing replacement costs significantly. Efficient thermal management is required to take advantage of the longevity of LED systems. Columbia-Staver’s long standing involvement with consumer products and range of technologies enable us to offer bespoke solutions to this extremely competitive sector.


Telecommunications has evolved from a copper network carrying predominantly voice traffic, to include radio based equipment handling voice but dominated by data traffic.

Columbia-Staver has been involved in providing Thermal solutions throughout this entire transition and can offer bespoke solutions for indoor and outdoor applications, including compliance and survival of salt/fog and freeze-thaw conditions.


Columbia-Staver offer both air and liquid based solutions for all of the major power electronics devices including: IGBT’s, Thyristors, SCR’s IPM’s, SCGT’s etc.

Air cooled heat sinks either with or without the addition of heat pipes or vapour chambers will offer the high reliability, low operating cost and low maintenance costs.

Liquid cooled solutions however can handle the highest amount of power and the highest power densities.


The healthcare industry is utilising smaller, faster, and more powerful devices. This results in concentrated heat loads which can contribute to performance issues resulting in component failure that could lead to expensive equipment being out of service and in extreme cases patient harm. Columbia-Staver have in-depth knowledge of the technologies required and are familiar with the intricacies and challenges of developing products for the medical market.


Existing and emerging automotive product designs such as engine management systems, hybrid battery systems, energy recovery systems all offer thermal challenges. Automotive Design Engineers are seeking better thermal management technologies to meet these requirements.

With the broad range of experience and the varied technologies Columbia-Staver are well suited to understanding your automotive requirements.

Latest News

Isothermal Cold Plates for EVs

The EV market has a desire to keep battery cells within a narrow temperature range and to minimise the temperature gradient between cells. Columbia-Staver have achieved both of these goals with the development of an Isothermal Cold Plate. Rather than using a single parallel flow the IsotheIsothermal Cold Plates for EVs

New EV Battery Cooling Solution

Columbia-Staver have developed a state of the art cooling solution for Electric Vehicle battery cooling. Lighter weight, more design flexible and more cost effective than anything currently in the market. Contact us for more details.New EV Battery Cooling Solution

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