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Thermal management has been accepted as critical in good design of products that display high power or high heat flux values. Often design engineers have limited physical space and certainly don’t want to add another layer of complexity.

Many of Columbia-Staver’s thermal management solutions are totally passive needing no additional power to operate. For more challenging applications these passive solutions can be teamed with more active components such as fans, peltier devices and pumps.

The heat can be moved, spread and eventually dissipated in a way that enhances the customer’s products giving them an advantage in their market sectors.

The simplest and often most effective solution is a heat sink, Columbia-Staver offer an extensive range of Heat Sink technologies including: stamped, extruded, cold forged, skived, die-cast & ceramic. Heat sinks can be specifically designed to operate under natural convection conditions or optimised to work with a forced air flow typically from a fan.

If the solution requires a thermal conductivity greater than the heat sink base material can provide, passive two-phase heat pipe technology can be employed. Heat pipes have a thermal conductivity orders of magnitude higher than aluminium or copper and can move or spread the heat. When air cooling reaches its limits, liquid cold plates and a pumped liquid loop can often be the optimum solution.

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