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When space is at a premium, thermal management by simply attaching a heat sink to the heat generating component is often impossible. The design engineer must then either change the system design or find a way to transport the heat away from the space restricted area for remote heat dissipation in a more suitable location.

Heat pipes

Moving HeatColumbia-Staver can custom design a solution to move and dissipate the heat using using heat pipes and fin stacks. Heat pipes can be used to move heat over distances that range from a few centimetres up to 1 meter.


The heat pipe itself can be regarded as a superconductor of heat. Heat will enter at one end “the evaporator section” that is attached to the heat generating component and will leave at the other end “the condenser section” typically with attached fins to aid dissipation. The heat pipe will continuously pump the heat away from the heat generating component as long as there is a temperature difference between its ends. Heat pipes can be formed (flattened or bent) to avoid obstacles and for easy integration into a customer’s assembly.

Moving HeatWhen designing a solution, Columbia-Staver will take into account factors that can affect thermal performance such as wick, working fluid, diameter, length, bending, flattening and orientation of operation, in addition, heat pipe assemblies can be designed to meet specifications that require mechanical shock, vibration, force impact, thermal shock/cycling, and corrosive environment.

Heat pipe based solutions are widespread and are used in computer, electronics, power electronics, radar electronics and aerospace/avionics applications. Other cost-effective, reliable thermal management approaches available from Columbia-Staver include technologies for spreading heat and for dispersing heat.

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