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Customers can approach Columbia-Staver at any stage of a project, we are happy to begin with little more than a brief thermal and mechanical specification.

Precision timely work is a pre-requisite

In order to fully meet all aspects of our customers requirements, thermal, lead time and cost – from concept creation to development, validation testing and manufacturing, Columbia-Staver produces custom, high-performance thermal solutions.

An engineering design staff with over 500 man-years of experience will help you create the thermal solution you need for your application.

Concept Creation

Start with a set of thermal challenges and mechanical requirements, add Columbia-Staver innovation and conceptual skill, and the result is thermal design concepts that do the job under the strictest constraints.

Custom Engineering Design

Columbia-Staver?s design team will customize a thermal management solution just for your application. Our thermal engineering experience and know-how give you the kind of solutions that make Columbia-Staver a leader in our field. Our engineering team has proven, extensive capabilities in a wide range of passive (encapsulated APG, heat pipes, vapor chambers) and active (liquid cooling cold plates, liquid cooling system, enclosure heat exchangers) thermal technologies for any application.


Build a prototype after your design concept is finalized to validate thermal/mechanical performance.


An array of manufacturing capabilities allow for high-performance thermal solutions.


From 100% thermal validation testing for all prototypes, pre-production, and production units to long term life and reliability testing, we ensure your thermal solution will perform at peak performance with high reliability and long life.

Latest News

Continuous Investment – Helium Leak Detector

Columbia-Staver Ltd has recently invested into a Helium Leak Detector to boost its liquid cold plate and advanced manufacturing test capabilities. The newly acquired Agilent PR02 leak detector was chosen because it offers leak detection capabilities with a sensitivity down to 5x10-13 Pa m3Continuous Investment – Helium Leak Detector

Job Opportunity - Dynamic Sales Executive

If you understand thermal mechanics and its essential function within all kinds of electronic equipment, you’ll know that Columbia-Staver is a market-leading Thermal Solutions Provider, offering natural and forced convection heat sinks, two-phase heat pipe and vapor chamber assemblies and Job Opportunity - Dynamic Sales Executive

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