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Customers can approach Columbia-Staver at any stage of a project, we are happy to begin with little more than a brief thermal and mechanical specification.

Precision timely work is a pre-requisite

In order to fully meet all aspects of our customers requirements, thermal, lead time and cost – from concept creation to development, validation testing and manufacturing, Columbia-Staver produces custom, high-performance thermal solutions.

An engineering design staff with over 500 man-years of experience will help you create the thermal solution you need for your application.

Concept Creation

Start with a set of thermal challenges and mechanical requirements, add Columbia-Staver innovation and conceptual skill, and the result is thermal design concepts that do the job under the strictest constraints.

Custom Engineering Design

Columbia-Staver’s design team will customize a thermal management solution just for your application. Our thermal engineering experience and know-how give you the kind of solutions that make Columbia-Staver a leader in our field. Our engineering team has proven, extensive capabilities in a wide range of passive (encapsulated APG, heat pipes, vapour chambers) and active (liquid cooling cold plates, liquid cooling system, enclosure heat exchangers) thermal technologies for any application.


Build a prototype after your design concept is finalised to validate thermal/mechanical performance.


An array of manufacturing capabilities allow for high-performance thermal solutions.


From 100% thermal validation testing for all prototypes, pre-production, and production units to long term life and reliability testing, we ensure your thermal solution will perform at peak performance with high reliability and long life.

Latest News

Isothermal Cold Plates for EVs

The EV market has a desire to keep battery cells within a narrow temperature range and to minimise the temperature gradient between cells. Columbia-Staver have achieved both of these goals with the development of an Isothermal Cold Plate. Rather than using a single parallel flow the IsotheIsothermal Cold Plates for EVs

New EV Battery Cooling Solution

Columbia-Staver have developed a state of the art cooling solution for Electric Vehicle battery cooling. Lighter weight, more design flexible and more cost effective than anything currently in the market. Contact us for more details.New EV Battery Cooling Solution

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