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UK Manufacturer

Columbia-Staver Limited is one of Europe’s leading Heat Sink manufacturers. Comprehensive facilities for design and development enable Columbia-Staver to apply their standards of excellence and innovation from the drawing board through to the final product.

Heat Sinks in Industry

Columbia-Staver Heat Sinks have answered the exacting demands of the semi-conductor industry, leading the way in the creative application of the basic principles of conduction, convection and radiation. Design engineers using these unique products will enjoy total flexibility from our lightweight and compact components.

Heat Sinks, professionally engineered, present industry with the best way in which to optimise the performance of semi-conductors. They can reduce running stress whilst still allowing the circuitry to operate at the manufacturer’s full power rating, by taking the junction temperature down from the permitted maximum and onto a less critical level. This heat reduction actively extends the life of the semi-conductor and reduces the incidence of failures.

Columbia-Staver are building markets throughout the world. In-house tooling, a ready stock of all materials and the use of high speed multi-stage progression tools evolve products of inherently quality, marketed internationally by a fast supply of samples and a vigorous commitment to agreed delivery times.

Latest News

Isothermal Cold Plates for EVs

The EV market has a desire to keep battery cells within a narrow temperature range and to minimise the temperature gradient between cells. Columbia-Staver have achieved both of these goals with the development of an Isothermal Cold Plate. Rather than using a single parallel flow the IsotheIsothermal Cold Plates for EVs

New EV Battery Cooling Solution

Columbia-Staver have developed a state of the art cooling solution for Electric Vehicle battery cooling. Lighter weight, more design flexible and more cost effective than anything currently in the market. Contact us for more details.New EV Battery Cooling Solution

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